De Novo Agency does not hide the fact that it takes a lot of hard work to become successful in the music industry—they offer no magic solutions or unrealistic shortcuts—instead they offer a process that will show readers how to effectively gather user data from music consumers and implement it into effective music marketing strategies.
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De Novo Agency | Spotify Outreach Program


If your song is accepted into the program, the streams and data generated in Spotify by our program will be 100% organic and verifiable in Spotify for Artists and with your personal distributor for two third-party authentications. Once accepted the song is usually fully placed within 48 hours.
  • Organic Exposure: Submit a song into a set of 4-6 playlists
  • ​Audience: Stay in front of 40K people (on avg.) for 30 days
  • ​Gather Data: 100% verifiable data via Spotify for Artists
  • ​Form a Target Audience: Organize data into demographics
  • ​​DNA Consultation Call: FREE 30 minute call with our Artist Development Team
  • ​Money Back Guarantee: If your song is not accepted, you receive a full refund
Once the songs have been accepted into the program, we will pitch to independent playlist curators on your behalf. 

As soon as the songs are placed into their playlists, Spotify for Artists and your music distributor begin tracking the streams and user data generated by the audience you're in front of. 

This data typically becomes available for you to view 24 hours later. (Spotify for Artists will update this info in real-time for the first week of a song release).

You will begin to see the streaming numbers come in and will be able to start taking a look at the demographics of who is listening to your music and from where. Once we start to see a good amount of data come in, it is time for your FREE consultation with us to go over these new metrics and how to transition this momentum into more business opportunities for you and your music business.

During week three of your program our system will automatically send you a meeting invite for your consultation with our attorney and marketing specialist - which you can schedule at a time that works best for you.

We hope that this is the beginning to a mutually beneficial long-term partnership for YOU and DNA.


We can only pitch so many artists and so many songs at a time. Due to this unfortunately we simply cannot work with everybody. 

TODAY'S OFFER:        $325

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